The Mountains Are Calling is a feature documentary following a woman’s journey to walk the length of America on her own. With no support crew, the film uses a combination of diary style video, interviews with other hikers and stunning time lapses to capture the loneliness and beauty of life on the trail. 

At a time when it felt like everyone else was settling down, Rachel set out on a journey to unsettle. In the year of turning 30, she quit her job, ended a relationship and set out alone to walk over 3300 kilometres in the American wilderness. Rachel shares a raw and honest account of her journey through stunning but unforgiving landscape. From the arid desert, to the deep snow of the High Sierra, the hike was an experience of extremes. Feeling heart-soaring joy and crushing loneliness in almost equal measures, Rachel tries to make sense of her life and forge her own path forward. 

The Mountains Are Calling aims to empower women to explore the wilderness, but also to question what truly makes them happy and have the confidence to go and find it.

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The mountains are calling and I must go
— John Muir, Naturalist, Author

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