‘The Mountains Are Calling’ follows the journey of a woman setting out to walk the length of America on her own.

When life is reduced to what can fit in a backpack, things get simpler and more complicated.

The film explores the paradoxes of life on the trail:

dirt and beauty

loneliness and camaraderie

fear and bravery

Packed with my camera and everything I needed to survive on my back, I hiked the 4265km length of America, through pristine wilderness in California, Oregon and Washington.

There were mountain lions, snowy peaks, dangerous river crossings, tears, blood, isolation, friendship and joy. I also met and interviewed many wonderful people along the way.

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home is where you pitch it

A smokey campsite in Washington

A call-out for post production collaboration


I made this short video before I began hiking the PCT, using footage from a training hike in New Zealand.

Thanks to Andrew Dorn and Melanie Coe for their assistance with additional filming and editing

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