America’s Pacific Crest Trail is a 4279km hiking trail running the entire western length of the US, from Mexico to Canada.  The hike traverses pristine wilderness through California, Oregon and Washington, including 7 National Parks and 25 National Forests.

There is a very small window of time to hike through all three states in the one season. Start too early and the snow makes the High Sierra unpassable. Start too late and the desert in Southern California is baking hot and water too scarce. Walk too slowly and the snow in Northern Washington becomes dangerously unpredictable. 

For 5 months (April - September 2017), carrying all her essentials on her back, Rachel walked an average of 190km per week, detouring to small towns to resupply food and equipment.

How it all began

The mountains are calling and I must go
— John Muir, Naturalist, Author

Thanks to Andrew Dorn and Melanie Coe for their talent and contribution to the production of this video. 


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